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As you can see this is an ambitious project.  The scale was stored in a shed for some 20 years.
I obtained the scale for very little money but it will  be a challenge and need some parts to bring it back to life, not to mention
a lot of labor. But isn't that the fun in it?

Here are some photos showing it's condition when purchased. (Some 65 years after it was built- thanks Bill Berning for that info.!)

Here are some showing the start of it's rejuvenated life.

                                Here the head porcelain has been polished, the areas of rust removed.                              Here is the top mirror frame
                                The interior rust has been removed the metal treated and painted                              Still not happy with this- spots in surface

First coats of paint

Here, the original color scheme has been restored to the front mirror door and cabinet front.
A new mirror has been obtained to replace the missing mirror that goes into this door frame (1/4" mirror).
The original mirror backing has been ordered along with the clips and screws  to hold it in place.

Here, the scale is beginning to be re-assembled.
New fortune tape, from Bill  & Jan Berning
Note: That trip arm protruding from the back of the fortune mech. is used to open the "Your Answer Here" Window.
On mine the spring on that arm was too weak to allow for the answer return arm to trip it, so a new spring was installed..

Here it is again as found and purchased on the left, restored on the right.

                                              I'll get some better shots of this when it's moved out of the garage       This has a temp.decal I made on the mirror
                                                                                                                                                                     Since I haven't located the correct mirror

This restoration would not have been possible without parts supplied by Bill & Jan Berning of Genoa, IL.
They are the main source for parts on these scales , many are original NOS Watling Parts.

Click the above link to reach their site, tell Bill- Steve sent you.
Bill can also supply, if available, the history of your particular scale, since he has the Watling Co. records.

Another guy that has been a great help on this project is Jeff Storck  at  http://www.pennyscaleparts.com

This label was found under discolored cracked glass on the back door, it sheds some light on this scales first 65 years.
(It's now been returned under new glass to the place it was located for more than 50 years)

Here is a bit of history on the Frank Pell Amusement Co.

   This is an article that appeared in a trade journal March 9, 1968
Click on the article image above for a clearer text version.

Here is a photo of a Florida Drug store with a Watling scale in front.
Photo by Ernie W. Skog 1952

BTW that is a Bally 1952 "Champion"  horse ride to the left, a very popular kiddie ride of the 50's

Here is another scale on the west coast at a famous pharmacy

Here seen in an episode of Remington Steel "Pocket full of Steel"
The  Non-Deluxe version , note the cover (seen on the top left) where the mirror would mount.

I am still looking for a NOS top Mirror for this project.

Here is an example of what it looks like in the frame.

If you have one contact me.

EEmail Steve

                                                            Some 1950's  advertisements

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