A lot of people don't realize that the TW1-8 twin speakers are not just accessories for the 222 or 220 Seeburg Jukebox but part of the design.

Below is from the 222/220 service pages of the SHFA1 Stereo Amplifier.

There are (2) 16 ohm low pass speakers in the jukebox cabinet and the twin speakers coupled by 25uf caps
provide the high pass sound component

Ok, here are the speakers for this project.
It appears that there were different variations of these speakers. Electronically they are all the same, however there were some cosmetic changes.
In the manual the speakers resemble the one on the left.  However after reviewing auctions and online photos the ones on the right were also made.
The right pair have also been painted  on the front borders white and were black originally. Also the Seeburg logos appear to have been removed
There is no sign the "Seeburg" logos were  ever there and the  "Stereo" logo is in the same place on both, were moved to the left..
In that location the "Seeburg" logo would not have lined up/
All of those logos on the cabinet with the exception on the "S" on the bottom right are added to the cabinet.
One other thing those "S" crown logos are pained gold under the white paint, that also seen on other examples of these speakers.

Ok, first the interior of the speakers were evaluated. The 2 white speakers are original inside except for replacement drivers.
Fortunately 2- 8 ohm 10watt drivers were used. I would prefer the original drivers , for now they will do.

In removing the original drivers to replace them, the speaker mounting posts were damaged on both speaker cabinets during a repair in the past.
The crossovers as mentioned earlier are intact.

I have started to remove the white paint which was applied after the speakers were sold.

Photos to follow:

This is a photo of one of the speaker cabinet tops. Since the speakers mount flat on the wall the connections are made at the top.

Here the hardware has been cleaned

This is the NP cap used it allows the higher frequencies to reach the driver.
Generally these caps do not fail.

These are the internal parts from one of the speakers, they are the same on the other speaker.
The driver is not an original but is a 10watt 8 ohm replacement.
The rest of the components are original on both speakers,
Includes the transformer, terminal block, condenser and mounting plate.

Here the white paint has been removed,  along with the Stereo badge and Speaker 2 badge and
the channel badge. The badges along with the "S" crown on the cabinet will be restored.
There are 2 pieces of tape on the top were there to protect the artwork and will be removed
Those badges were glued to the grill and were removed carefully using an orange cleaner product to help dissolve the glue.

All back together!