This has been sitting in storage for years taking a back seat to a lot of other's time has come.

Not easy to see here but besides mounting the pedal to the door there are a few other obvious problems to be corrected with the cabinet.
The left front foot was ripped off the bottom. The 25amp low voltage fuse was jumped out on the power supply chassis.
This cabinet was equipped with a fan, apparently all of them were not, the mounting holes visible. The rear cabinet power switch was removed .
There was also a crack in the frame above the coin door.
Note: the original 2 bolts on the lower right, this is the area the foot pedal was suppose to be mounted by using a template supplied adding 3 holes.
However, on this cabinet there is a factory 1 inch hole on the bottom under those bolts. It appears they made a change in the foot pedal afterwards.

This is the altered front cabinet door. What the hole in the door edge was for? unknown.
The door lock for this door was intact at the top.

Here it begins

Here the side art is test fit to the cabinet for installation.
Note: the original art though not shown was full length. I had no idea there were different versions of side art used.
This version was purchased years ago anticipating it's future installation .. a surprise when opened , though different, I went ahead and used it.
It looks fine and my guess is that later versions of the system 1 cabinet used this.
Rubber Wheels have been installed for easy movement and protection of the hardwood floor it's going to call home.
All material in the cabinet was removed with the exception  of the marquee (for now).
Epoxy filler was used to fill a hole drilled in the front used to secure the lock box.
This area will be recovered, along with the repaired front door.
The Road Blaster CP removed for future restoration.
A Marble Madness,CP and  marquee will be installed initially.

Here surface imperfections are filled before art installation. The filler beyond the hole is removed as the final step.
I used Wellwood filler but added the addition of wood hardener to the surface using an artist brush.

This photo is included to show there are variations of the cabinet.
This version uses 5 1/4" diagonal speakers.  There are versions with smaller speakers.
The correct speakers are on order.

For some reason the Road Blaster kit installation in this cabinet included putting the pedal on the door
instead of on the right lower cabinet. The installation instructions clearly want it on the cabinet.
However only 2 holes were provided on the front filled with bolts. The install requires 5 holes.
The one in the center is suppose to be 1" across to allow the pedal plug to pass through. (they cut and spliced the wire)
This cabinet had what appears to be a factory 1 inch hole on the right cabinet bottom.
These holes will all be filled with epoxy wood filled and then new black vinyl over it.
I intend to just paint the back side.

Here the new side art has been installed, along with the front door repaired.
Because the cabinet is on angle it looks like the gap to the edge on the art is larger than it is, it's close to 1/4"
Also the coin door was repaired and repainted and new locks installed.
All things mention above were done.
It is fitted with a newly recovered marble madness CP along with new T Molding.
The speaker grill was stripped and repainted, though not initially noticeable there was some rust
starting under the paint in areas. As this is being written parts are on order to rebuild the 2 trackball assy's.