Here is the project
It's a 1947 Stoner Univendor Model "Junior" 102
It holds, you guessed it , 102 candy products to vend, 17 in each stack
This is how it was initially presented.
However it turned out to be  almost completely disassembled with some exceptions.
When  buying things from a distance its difficult to know what the actual condition is until it's in your possession.
To be fair, the seller provided a lot of photos he took during his disassembly.

Because the base and machine were put together with finger tight bolts for shipping  it arrived with some additional  issues because they separated in transit!
First order of business was to evaluate it and come up with a plan to address it's issues.

`   Some issues discovered: Some serious rust in a few places.  Base Bottom, cabinet inside bottom and underside,  one pull knob assy, and candy display tray
                                           Base door, attempted repair poor.
                                           Door latches removed , broken off
                                           Cabinet triangular base foot mounting and foot missing on one side
                                           Hasp holes drilled in cabinet and major denting of cabinet in this area
                                           Holes drilled on back to mount to wall
                                           Mounting screw for front glass access plate snapped off on one side
                                           Threaded post on one stainless mirror trim mounting snapped off
                                           Bottom edge of main cabinet split at both front corners, because the cabinets separated during transit
                                           Additional damage on the front of the base was also there because the  base and cabinet separated
                                           Base adjustment leveler screws so rusted they fused to the base
All original parts are there (except the base cabinet foot, triangle mounting plate and door latches).
The parts are either on the machine or in zip lock bags supplied with the machine.

The rest of the things  found were what you might expect and not unusual  since it was made in 1947 
Though not easily seen in the next photo, at the top is a stamped number the first 2 digits indicating the year it was built 47

These 2 photos supplied by the previous owner, before the pull knobs, stainless plates, and pull assy's were removed as supplied in bags when purchased         
The candy stack (rack) was completely disassembled                                             Coin Mechanism as found, 2 assemblies married together
All 102 shelves removed and their shafts.

                                                                                                                                   Here, the 102 shelf rods have had the rust removed, free movement of   
                                                                                                                                      latches assured and were re-painted.

<>                                               Start of rack re-assembly                                                                    Here all back together 1 pull one shelf drop


Here is the bottom of the base most rust removed, getting ready to install  the new foot mounting plate.
(some of the brown seen is rusty metal primer over spray)                                                                              Here is a new latch fitted to the front door
The adjustable front feet have had rust removed and  adjustment screws drilled out and re-tapped
The horizontal slots seen are for the base front door bottom.

                          Here are the pull knobs, and hardware before restore                            Here 5 of the pull knobs cleaned and polished                 

This is the restored candy display door both sides

Though not shown here all screws, nuts, washers and other hardware had rust removed or if damaged or missing were replaced
Some machine threads were re-tapped if needed.

Here the cabinet has been repaired and is being primed, note the original green color under where the mirror mounts was left there  intentionally

Here are a few showing big steps in the project

         Here it has been painted with a slight hammer like finish,. New glass.
                                                                            All polished stainless mounted along with bottom mirror trim and coin esc.

Very close here to being done
It's married to the base with the candy display tray installed .
The vending stack to be installed later when it's moved to it's final location, given the weight it will add.
Without it in the cabinet it will be much lighter and easier to move.

This item is not for sale


Inside front door -finished

Here in it's new home.- vending rack installed and candy installed in rack