Playfield & Backglass Touchup

Playfield Touchup


Unfortunately, a very common sight on Stargates!
Bare wood at the wireform ball drops! Whoops, no mylar here. :(

Luckily, very easily touched up!

  • Clean area
  • Go around edges of bare wood with a sharpie, overlap onto the playfield a little bit
  • Slap down some flat black acrylic paint
  • Slap down some more
  • Put on a layer of acrylic gloss black
  • Dab a paintbrush into white, yellow, or blue acrylic
  • Touch corner of brush in a random pattern on the black, try to copy the density of colored dots surrounding worn area
  • Borrow a bottle of your wife's clear nail polish - I used a bottle of stuff that's for covering and protecting artwork done on fingernails.
    (This stuff dries crystal clear and very tough)
  • Use a paint brush and put on a couple layers of the clear polish
  • Three coats of paste wax
  • Done!

  • Very difficult to get the paint exactly even with the playfield, but the results are excellent
    and the wireforms block most of the view.


    Here are some photos of my playfield - with and without flash.

    Ra Touch-up

    I have no idea how this happened, but when I got my Stargate, there was about a nickel sized wear spot on the screened Ra artwork to the right of his face. Kind of annoying since this art is printed on a mirror, and the wear spot was very noticeable!

    Unfortunately, I never got a very good "before" picture so you'll have to take my word for it!

    This is a very easy spot to touch up since the artwork around his face is fuzzy and not very distinct. I took some light tan acrylic and mixed in a little black, a touch of silver, and a tiny bit of water to thin the mixture out. Taking a small brush, I did a very light coat that overlapped the existing artwork and the bare mirror. Then I filled in the bare spot with three light coats of paint and had a close base color match. Next I made up another water thinned batch of gray mixed with my custom tan color to do a little shading. Last, I took some thinned black on a small brush and added a few "swiggles" and filled in a couple lines that needed to go across the patch.

    I have pointed directly at the touchup, and people still can't see it! The only noticeable difference is that the screened artwork is just a tad more translucent and you can see the touchup if you look for it while the ring light is flashing. However, I am still very pleased with the results.


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