Stargate Leg Painting

When I first got my Stargate, the back legs were 32" and the front were 28". The proper way to level a System3 machine is to have all legs the same size and unscrew the back leg levellers 7 threads. Obviously I had a little too much slope.

Being very "thrifty", I managed to dig up a set of legs that matched but were fairly rusty.

I had painted another set of legs (for my Williams Suspense) with some rustoleum hammertone black and really liked the end result, so I went ahead and painted this set the same way. Stargate is such a pretty machine that plain black legs seemed kind of dull - so I came up with something else.

First I dug around on the internet and found a heiroglyphics font. Then I figured out what keys produced the simple symbols, and found about 10 that weren't very intricate. I sized the font so that the letters would be about 1 inch wide and arranged them into a vertical column. Then I printed them out on 8.5"x11" transparencies.

From here it was easy, just set them on some cardboard and used a razor blade to carve them out. Then I did a test run with some gold spray paint on top of a cardboard box. I practiced with various amounts of paint, how flush the stencil was to the surface, and how far away the spray can was from the stencil.

I decided I liked what I saw, and painted the legs. I taped some paper at the top of the stencil to protect from overspray, and laid the stencil on top of the leg. I found that one quick but thorough shot of paint from about 1 foot away moving from one end of the stencil to the other gave the best results. I didn't bother holding down the stencil flat because I was going for a slightly "faded" look. I also wanted the artwork to be a little understated, so I only did the front side of the front legs, and the outfacing sides of the back legs.

Here's the end result, excuse the mess under the machine!

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