This is it! Probably the most recognizable BW TV of the time.
Seen in ton's of movies and tv shows and often in period displays.
So popular that a color version is made and sold now.

Here is the TV I purchased.  It's in great physical shape, as seen in these seller's photos.
Of course it didn't work.

The cabinet needed some TLC including the finish on the tube bracket and missing end cap.
The cabinet feet are missing gold bands.
The picture tube plastic shield looks good here, but needed to be removed and polished on the interior and exterior.
On the interior was a white film that had to be carefully removed and hand polished.

Minor  refinishing was done to the wood cabinet.
Chassis and interior were cleaned.
The picture tube was tested for good emission, it was discovered that yoke was loose on the tube neck during testing.
The chassis was rebuilt, new capacitors and out of tolerance resistors replaced.
Tubes were tested and weak tubes replaced.
The flyback transformer was not savable and it was replaced.
The  power switch on the volume control was intermittant, a replacement was found.
One of the control knobs was the incorrect color, a replacement was found.
A replacement end cap was found.
The channel knob was disassembled cleaned and refinished
New gold trim was fabricated and secured to the cabinet feet.
Yoke was adjusted for position,  and lin. friction tape added to tube to help secure it in position.

Here it is FINISHED!! Pretty cool.

It's connected to a rf modulator and a DVD player