Here is the phone as found.

The dial took a nice impact and is twisted as seen here.

Note: the hook is bent...that took a little work
It's taped up to hold the cable in place as well as the case.
There are suppose to be 3 screws and nuts at the top holding it together, they were missing.

The wiring is frayed , the dial...well it looks worse then it is. One chip on the porcelain where it was dropped, though not noticeable.

Here it is after disassembly and then re-assembly. Though I could not completely disassemble it. The case did not separate completely. Not sure if this is normal since this is the only one I have ever seen. I was able to remove everything at the top of the phone., including the wiring blocks you connect the cable to.

Here are the photos after cleaning, a bit of paint touchup and re-dressing the cable connection ends and things detailed below.

The dial was dismounted , then straightened by placing it in a vice, carefully  and slowly rotating it,
while applying just enough pressure to straighten it without distorting the metal.
The stop was also bent, that was also straightened, it's held by 2 screws and easily removed.
The finger wheel is held by one nut in the center.
The small screws on either side by the wire connections lock the wiring blocks and the cable itself in place.
The entire dial assy is held in place by 2 screws and a threaded guide pin on my phone, this may or may not be original.
There are just 3 wires on the dial assy.

Here shows the  straightened clip, so it works right now.

Here is a screen capture of a GreenAcres TV episode