This is another one of those projects waiting a long time to get done.
Purchased as part of a lot, a conversion game in a Galaxian cabinet.
The game worked with a very nice monitor, no screen burn.

The outside of the cabinet painted black but really beat up, I wanted to strip it down to wood.
However, given the florida heat in the summer that idea was tabled.
The cabinet was cleaned, damage repaired, repainted, and rubber wheels added.
The original art on the CP was in poor shape as was the plexi overlay, and the marquee.
A reproduction  marquee was installed, along with new T molding.

Here is the original CP and overlay including a plexi cover. It's discolored from sun and smoke.

Here is the "updated" art I created. Please excuse the glare at the bottom.
Given the screen setup, I flipped the controls and buttons, the circles under the controls are separate art.
As you can see the art I created for the panel,  differs from the original.

Here are a couple of photos of what was under the off the wall overlay when it was removed.

Not sure what game this was but clearly the Galaxian, had 2 re-births, first whatever game this was, then
the Off The Wall. If anyone knows what this was let me know.

Thanks to members at the Village BBS, this has now been identified as "Rastan" a Taito Game.

The panel was stripped down  to metal and repainted.
Finally newly created art and a new plexi was cut with  holes for controls to protect it.

Here is the final result.


I was not able to find either an original or reproduction of the CP overlay or monitor surround for this kit, so I made them.
The original CP overlay would have come down over the lip of the CP, I covered my printed art with a plexi to protect it and painted the CP black.

The monitor surround is a bit customized further, since the monitor is mounted high in this cabinet not in the center.
An online image was used of the surround and new graphics on the bottom added to increase it's height there.
If anyone reading this has the original art for sale, contact me.

That's it, Done....after 10 years in storage.

Here is the flyer from the game.

ATARI Off The Wall was released in October 1991 as just a conversion kit. Only 500 kits where produced in the USA and 250 in Ireland.
A total of 750 worldwide, so pretty rare.

The selling price was $895 at its time of release.