This page details the history of this game.

It started life as a Stern Tutankham (maked King Tut inside).

 Then whatever operator had it decided it would bring in more money as a Bombjack.
Finally no longer performing well it found it's way to a arcade game auction.
That is where I found it.

As you can see there was a time
when there were substantial game auctions
This game number 282 out of 834 games

I decided to not restore it (for now) to it's original King Tut game.
Instead use it with a number of  horizontal games, including
a Pandora 645 and a multi jamma switcher.

Here is the cabinet revived a bit, I would have liked to sand the cabinet
down to wood but the weather here
 in Florida is tough to deal with at this time of year (summer).

The bottom door on this cabinet hides a slide in shelf, with the power supply and place for a game board.
I remounted the monitor in the horizontal direction. It was a horizontal monitor mounted vertically.
I created the cp overlay. Note the Bombjack and Tut graphics