Ms Pacman Restoration Project.

I had been looking for a Ms Pacman cabinet for a while....finally I found one.
Obvious problems:
Faded Paint
Damage on front of cabinet where lock bar was ripped off
Missing back door
Monitor burned phosphor
Pacman control panel installed instead of mspac CP
Marquee Faded
Missing Isolation transformer
Damaged pins on wiring harness  board connector
Coin door / frame damaged
No coin mechanisms
Missing power Switch and mounting plate
Pacman control panel has Non Pac/ms pac joystick
Monitor glass has peeling paint
Missing smoked plexi
Marquee is faded
Overlay missing
Monitor bezel missing
Fluorescent lamp not operational


Using artist brushes the paint was restored, graphic by graphic.
Paint formula's were obtained from Apollo.
The damage to the front cabinet was repaired using Epoxy filler  and reinforcement.
A replacement control panel was installed.
A better coin door and frame was located repainted and installed.
A picture tube bezel was found and installed.
A back cabinet door was found and installed.
New lamp, and ballast installed
New power switch and plate installed
New power cord plug installed
Replacement picture tube found and crt replaced
(note unit had new cap kit so this skipped)
The decision was made to use a jamma harness to wire cabinet.
New switching power supply installed to replace original supply
Ms pacman board with jamma adapter installed including David Widel's kit with added mazes and games.
Designed and installed IC based logic circuit to allow buttons and joystick to reset menu.

Current status. Need to obtain Cp overlay, screened glass and marquee.

Here it is: 

Check out this site as well for more information on repainting your Ms pacman
They have a great site with lots of info and tips on restoration
Including additional pictures of my restoration.

The original Ms Pac paint code information came from, unfortunatley now closed.

Here is that info.

Ms Pac-Man Color Codes

UPDATED NOTE: 3/12/03 Glidden DISCONTINUED the tint base they used for Appollo's ( now gone) match. The replacement tint base is HD6212 The rhapsody blue 50bg 16/306 produces a lighter blue. Though Glidden assured Home Depot the colors would be the same....wrong!
We matched the mixed paint against the OLD book of colors.
NO match. We then scanned the book color and adjusted the formula to match it.

Colorant                OZ       48         96
Lamp Black              0         5          0
Thalo Green             0       29          0
Thalo  Blue              1       31          0
White                     0         9          0

Evermore INT Latex Satin

All of these we had mixed in quarts not gallons.

     Ms Pac paint info

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