This page will document a recent purchase and project.

Well this is it.

The original Genco Grandma Fortune Teller as sold was altered to become a sales display item.
It was used to promote Rubbermaid products at homeware retailers and possibly industry shows.
Though an argument could be made to keep it as it was altered and restore it. I have chosen to restore it back
to it's original condition as sold and document the change made to it here and where it finally will be displayed.

Here below are a few exerts from newspaper advertisements:

The Weirton Daily Times from Weirton, West Virginia on March 4, 1963 ..

<>Demonstrated all week -3rd Floor * Our Steel Exhibit Our window displays Wheeling Steel refuse containers. New colorful cans combining color with the strength of steel.   Gypsy Fortune Teller Rubbermaid gypsy fortune teller display . . just press button for your fortune and free gift. Displayed all this week · Third Floor if ...


The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 12, 1965 ...

Stainless steel, removable drip tray. SEE OUR "RUBBERMAID" GYPSY . . . learn what your " future holds, could be a free gift! She's located near the elevators. Mrs. Hazel Reik will demonstrate this rotisserie . . . sample some roast, taste the "barbecue" flavor! Small Appliances, Sixth Floor, also Tri-County and Western 

I was unable to find a photo of it on location, so if you have one please send it to me or any other information about it's life before now.
Though it will be restored to it's original condition bfore it was altered, this is part of this one's unique history.
Along with the alteration to it's cabinet, customized fortune cards were dispensed,  one will be displayed here later.

The Genco Gypsy Grandma fortune teller is considered to be one of the most intricate animated fortune tellers ever produced.
 It is based on an earlier turn of the century (patented 1896) Roover Brothers fortune teller which was not electrified it required the patron
 to pull a large handle on the right side, it had 7 movements versus the 8 that the Genco Gypsy Grandma has.
Here is the character patent drawing from 1896:

There is a ‘Microphone’ (looks only) on the upper left glass area. A patron is suppose to ask Grandma a question that requires a Yes or No answer…
they can also just think it!. A dime is then inserted and Grandma wakes up. As it starts Grandma appears to start breathing her chest moving in and out.
Her head moves and her hand moves. Her left hand moves over to a drawer in a cabinet located on that side, and opens it.
Now with her right hand she reaches over and carefully actually selects a fortune card, gently grabbing it from the now open drawer.
Then Grandma brings the card over to a black caldron on the floor in front of her and drops it in! There it falls through the caldron and arrives in a chute in the cabinet front door for the patron to take!  Though that wasn’t enough Grandma now blows a kiss and goes to sleep waiting for the next question. This animatronic like / automaton figure is wonderful and considering it’s based on a turn of the century design it’s amazing, This particular Genco was altered and used to enhance Rubbermaid sales at retailers and industry shows. The plan is to restore it back to when it left the factory in 1957 or at least as close as possible---stay tuned.

This is a original example of what it should look like.

I am looking for the coin gear for this game. Most 50's Genco's will have similar doors. I don't need the card chute but need all the rest
as it was removed and replaced by a button to start the fortune teller as mentioned in the advertisment text above.
So, if you have a parts game, or loose spare parts around and have the coin return casting for example I need it.