Note: The games on either side are NOT mine

Besides the usual  destroyed control panel overlay, what you can't see here is that the left side of the cabinet was missing a chunk of cabinet where the control panel juts out of the cabinet. There was also a section of the artwork on the left side that was ripped off. In addition there were many nicks and scratches in the side art, Some of which is detailed in other pictures here.I decided I had nothing to loose to try and if possible "repair" the art instead of attempting to replace it with reproduction art work.
Paint colors were individually mixed to match using acrylic paints. Except for the "white" which was color matched.
There was no touchup done on the white, it was completely repainted to give the cabinet a fresh clean look.
All the exsisting art was left and the white covered, time consuming but....
Again, the additional pictures will show how I made out.

This was the area of the most severe damage to the cabinet and art.

This repaired with Epoxy wood filler. This is not normal wood filler, the repair is much stronger than the original material..
This picture shows repair Before final shaping to match right side. Of course the t-molding channel was added .


This shows the repaired damage painted white to match the cabinet and the start of restoring the missing art work that was ripped off the cabinet.
Here's the finished repair


New overlay installed New bearings, rollers and ball. Also a new button.
New T molding also added. Lockbar holes filled and touched up to match cabinet.
Things to be done:
New monitor tube. (original tube was rejuvinated to improve picture) Coin door to be repainted and a new decal
to be created to replace the worn one on the door.
New Locks
Back door damage and door paint to be done.

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