1973 Midways Sea Devil

It appears that the SEA Devil Submarine game is based on the USS Sea Devil commissioned Jan.30/1969 and decommissioned Oct.16/1991

Editors Note: Based on the game art, Sea Devil appears to be based on the earlier commisioned Sea Devil.  See the previous page for details

Game Play

The object of the game is fire torpedos at ships sailing across the horizon.  See ships below.  Each ship registers tonnage as scoring.
Torpedos are aimed by viewing thru the periscope and fired using a button on the periscope handle.  The direction of the torpedo can be adjusted for about 1/4 of the travel after being fired by adjusting the periscope direction.  You must lead the ships with your torpedos and this is the skill/challenge of the game.
After the torpedo is fired you can watch it streak just under the water surface towards the enemy ship.
There are 2 windows on either side of the periscope so others can watch the action.
In the background you hear sonar beeping and once a ship is hit you see and hear the explosion.

In these 2 pictures we can see how the gane works.
In the picture above we can see the blue/green water vinyl sheet and the white bar bar houses the lights that sequence as the torpedo travels.  As the periscope is aimed the vertical white bar swings to follow. 
The picture on the right shows that this white bar as attached to a chain which is gear driven.  At the very bottom is a 2 way motor that drive a chain with the ship image carriers attached. 

These are the ship images.

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