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This is the guide as of  08/08


  • Controls

    • Joysticks: Use the two 4-way joysticks to control your tank. Push both joysticks up to make it go forward, down to make it go backward, the left one down and the right one up to make it turn left and vice versa to make it turn right, and both of them left or right to make it roll over.
    • Firing Button: Use this button to make your tank fire at the enemies.
    • Start Button: Push this button to start the game.


    The Player's Tank

    The protagonist of the game.

    Jump Zones

    These can give you an advantage over the enemies and a spectacular view of the playfield. When your tank drives on to one, it will fly straight up to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding terrain. From this overhead position, your tank can fire lethal nuclear missiles at the enemies.


    Type 1 Tanks Hits: 1 Points: 100
    Type 1 Armoured Tanks Hits: 4 Points: 100
    Type 2 Tanks Hits: 1-4 Points: 200
    Type 3 Tanks Hits: 1-4 Points: 300
    Type 4 Tanks Hits: 9 (head), 3 (body) Points: 500
    Type 5 Tanks Hits: 8-32 Points: 800
    Type 6 Tanks Hits: 16-48 Points: 1500
    Type 7 Tanks Hits: 16 Points: 2500
    Type 8 Tanks Hits: 15 Points: 2500

    101 Scouters

    Hits: 1 Points: 500

    501 Fourlegs

    Hits: 1 Points: 200


    Hits: 1 Points: 200

    Parked Tanks

    Hits: 1 Points: 1000


    Hits: 8 (nuclear missiles) Points: 5000


    Type 1 Cannons Hits: 10 Points: 1200
    Type 2 Cannons Hits: 20 Points: 1200
    Type 3 Cannons Hits: 32 Points: 1200