PlayStation version of Assault

                                                     Written By Mitch Ross

Assault was born as a stand-up arcade back in 1988. More recently Namco has re-released a number of old classics, like Assault, on a collection called "Namco Classics". Assault can be found on the PlayStation edition of Namco Classics Volume 4. Though I have yet to see it myself, I've gathered a fair amount of information.

This port of Assault has all of the same levels game play. There's even an option to use two joysticks, and to display a vertical image on your TV.


Here's the real bonus: it includes the new new version called "Assault Plus". It's hidden- here's how to find it.

Go into the museum and from the information booth, and go right then up the stairs. Turn to the left and enter the room next to the X-Room. In this room hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Up simultaneously. Hold these then press triangle. You will hear a sound and the room will flash white. To the right of the dark room will be a woman with green clothes. Stand in front of her and press X. She will then disappear and you will be left with the pedestal in the middle of the room and the words "Assault Plus" flashing above it. Access the pedestal and the arcade game will be the new Assault Plus game!

The PlayStation version of Assault has a few goodies you can't find anywhere else.


The PlayStation version has some other information, like a promotional button and posters:


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