The Levels and Strategy
Written By Mitch Ross

The level images and names are based on the final screens of the game. For some levels I've done some creative copy & paste work.

If someone has screen grabs of the actual level maps I'll post them here. (webmaster)

Strategy and tips here are based on Mitch's considerable knowledge of this game. If you have a better (or alternate) method for any level, drop me a note!

Level 1 - "Progress Planetary Circumstances"

Enter by dropping in from nowhere.
Exit by falling through a gate.

Max possible score: 11,600

-For maximum points, don't use the lift.
-This is a good level to practice the 0 seconds left bonus. (See the Cool Stuff page)



Level 2 - "Memorial Land Forever"

Enter by dropping
Exit by falling through a gate.

-Learn where the missles are. Nuke them as they start to
appear for maximum points.
-Nuke the water enemies. There isn't time to shoot them 10
times each unless you get hit.
-Drive hugging the left edge, taking out everything,
especially the missles. Continue following the edge until the water
is behind you. Then turn right, driving on the land between the
lakes to the far edge. Then proceed around the trees to clear the
rest of the level.

Level 3 - "Crops Grow In River Side"

Enter by dropping
Exit by driving through a door.

-This is a short level with penty of time. Shoot everything.
-Start by turning around. Clear that room first. You should be
heading back with 90 seconds left.
-With skill, one nuke can take all of the grey runners, and
another nuke all the armored orange tanks.



Level 4 - "Crops Grow In River Side"

Enter by driving through a door.
Exit by driving through a door.

-Level starts at a "T" junction. If you're agressive, take a right. Wimps go left.
-For max points, avoid the lifts. I use it to check for stragglers.
-Level ends with a red boss and 2 rows of cannons. Try to land a nuke in the center of the boss!





Level 5 - "Crops Grow In River Side"

Enter by driving through a door.
Exit by popping up.

-Follow the river, but don't go in it. Water slows you down, and prevents launching a nuke.
-Fly Guys tend to arrive in groups. Try to take each group with a single nuke.
-When the river ends, clear out all of the yellow guys. Lottsa points here!
-I like to go left to clear the domes and the big brown take first, then get the yellow guys.
-At the end of the level, you can drive through the doorway before all of the cannons are destroyed! It's a great place to drop nukes on any remaining cannons.
-Behind the wall is an empty level 10. Go exploring!


Level 6 - "?"

Room 1 is the bottom left, room 2 is the left middle.

-You can start on this level if you select a hard game at the start.
-The sun is at the top left of this map, with shadows going to the bottom right.
-This 3x3 room grid makes up several levels in a clockwise spiral:

7,8 8 9
6 11 9
6 11 9



Level 7 - "?"

Top left room.

-Little orange tanks and Crunchers are everywhere. Do NOT use the lifts. You want to keep the crunchers asleep as along as possible.
-I like to clear this level by turning left through the door, returning back through the center, and back again across the top. Think of it as a big "Z" path.
-Sometimes leaving building standing is a good idea. Those pesky little tanks can't shoot through them.




Level 8 - "?"

Room 1 is the top left, room 2 is the top middle.

-Clear all armored orange tanks you see before going through the door. Don't wander back into the level you just cleared!
-Getting into the room with 4 cannons is tricky. I like to dash in and take a hard right to a sheltered area. Then snipe at the cannons from safety.
-The last room is a huge open area with the "NAMCO" logo. (Guess who wrote the game?) This is one place where using the lift is a good idea. Get as many Spinner tanks as you can with the lift.




Level 9 - "?"

Room 1 is the top right, room 2 is the middle right, room 3 is bottom right.

Enter by doorway
Exit by poping upward.

-My favorite level. Plan a path to get as many yellow tanks as possible. See the Cool Stuff section for tips.
-The 3rd room is a giant X of cannons. Take a hard left and get all of the green guys you see. Major point here!
-Use the lift near the entrance door to get the spinners.



Levels 10 - "Crops Grow In River Side"

Enter by Poping in
Exit by dropping out

-Look familiar? We saw this at the end of level 5.
-Time is tight here- don't dilly dally.
-Try to nuke the boss in his center.






Levels 11 - "?"

Enter by dropping in.
Exit by Popping to finale

First room (center bottom):
-Make your way to an edge, then to the nearest corner.
-Take out bunkers as soon as you see them.
-Work your way around the outside edge, taking all of the cannons

Last room (center):
-Cheaters: run around the outside edge to make enemies disappear
-Pros: take out enemies while slowly going around the edge
-Save the big boss in the center for last. You may not have to fight him!


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