Assault Plus Manual

When Mitch ordered his Assault Plus PCB, He was delighted to find a copy of the manual. Since the board came from Japan, the manual was naturally in Japanese. Well, he couldn't read Japanese.

Looking for someone to help translate parts of the manual, if you can help, I'm at sjt1@arcadetreasure.com

Cover Page 1 (13k)
Cover Page 2 (66k)
Page 1 (141k)
Page 2 (170k)
Page 3 (206k)
Page 4 (149k)
Page 5 (183k)
Page 6 (550k)  (This page is currently missing, Mitch is looking for the manual)
Page 7 (122k)
Page 8 (171k)
Page 9 (71k)


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