Here it is as found-  Of course not working, but with side art!

This is a VERY rare cabaret BZONE with sideart!
So far this is the only known example.  If you have one also email me.

Expo Game tokens found  inside the enclosed speaker box, discovered during disassembly, suggests this machine was most likely at the
1982 Worlds fair arcade expo in Knoxville, Tn.   This could explain why this cabinet received optional side art.

Cosmetic repairs on this to be done in the future.

Note: the above image can also be seen on KLOV. It's this machine.

Sorry, it is not for sale.

It's finally done!

The above art was  reproduced to replace the area  missing on the surround that was found as a replacement for the badly damaged  original on the cabinet.
The surround is made of 2 pieces with 4 glue points.  The area at the bottom is a seperate piece. Attached with tabs on either side to complete the surround.
The scope area shown above is part of the larger piece, but folds forward and is attached at either side with tabs shown.

If anyone reading this has photos of the inside of the 1982 Worlds Fair Video Expo, please email me.

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